Stairs Industrial Company Ltd. was established in 1981 with the goal of becoming a major international manufacturer of high quality submersible pumps that would meet or exceed international quality standards, be competitively priced, and would be supported by an organization that would provide excellent service to our customers, while at the same time considering the impact of our pumps and activities on the environment. By constantly and diligently working with these goals in mind, Stairs Industrial Co. Ltd. has grown to be a major
international pump manufacturer.

After becoming a leading pump manufacturer in the Taiwan market, our pumps were introduced to the international market with the collaboration of an overseas pump manufacturer, in the late 1990’s. At that time we began to develop international sales to pump assemblers and manufacturers. Sales are now made to customers in more than 118 countries.

Most of our customers, including some of the best known international pump manufacturers, sell our pumps under their own brand names. Although the name of our company is not widely recognized outside the pump industry because most pumps are sold under other brand names, within the pump industry, Stairs Industrial Co. Ltd. is widely recognized as an innovative, reliable and supportive manufacturer and supplier of submersible pumps for deep wells.

The continual expansion of sales to new markets and new customers, as well as the growth of sales to existing customers, is a testament to the high quality of our pumps, our competitive pricing, and the exceptional service provided by our staff working closely with our many customers.

We have now adapted our submersible pump design and manufacturing know-how to develop a high quality line of vertical and horizontal booster pumps for use in high rise buildings and for numerous industrial applications.

Our staff has now grown to about 426 persons. And our production space now encompasses about 86,000 square meters housed in five factory buildings, two of which were inaugurated within the past three years.

Although we are proud of what we have accomplished, we realize that we must continually work hard to develop and produce even better pumps, and provide even better customer service while at the same time taking into consideration the affect of our activities on the environment.