HW Series

STAIRS HW series residential and light commercial hot water circulator pumps constitute a complete range of 3-speed circulator pumps. The pumps can be used in both open and closed systems. HW pumps are of the canned-rotor type, i.e. pump and motor form an integral unit without a shaft seal and with only two gaskets for sealing. The bearings are lubricated by the pumped liquid. This pump has 130mm or 180mm port to port dimensions to be chosen.




  • Solar water heating circulation
  • Floor heating circulation
  • Air condition circulation
  • Hot water boiler boosting
  • Heat pump circulation


  • Easy set-up and installation
  • High efficiency for low electricity bill
  • Robust construction for better reliability
  • Dry-run protection for longer product life
  • Quiet operation for better life quality
  • No sealing problem, No leakage


Booster pump & Circulator Pump-Grade B - 0001
HW Series

Performance Curves