HH series Mini Booster Pump

STAIRS HH series is a home mini booster pump designed for water pressure boosting of potable water and residential hot water. The pump provides extra water pressure to showers, taps, and similar water fixtures, and to activate water heaters. The pump is equipped with a flow switch which starts or stops the pump when a water fixture is turned on or off. To avoid cavitation noise and risk of damage to the pump bearings, a minimum inlet pressure of 1.5 meter head is required during operation. The Comfort Home MB series pump is mainly for use in open systems, but can also be installed directly on the incoming water mains supply to feed a combination boiler, or a water heater.




  • Water pressure boosting for residential use.
  • Providing extra water pressure to activate water heaters.


  • Easy set-up and installation
  • High efficiency for low electricity bill
  • Robust construction for better reliability
  • Dry-run protection for longer product life
  • Quiet operation for better life quality
  • Patented easy-clean filter union designed for fast maintenance
  • No sealing problem, No leakage
  • Pump can be set to Manual, Automatic or Of


Booster pump & Circulator Pump-Grade B - 0001
Booster Pump of Water Heater

Performance Curves