Pressure Tanks

Aquafos water tanks are suited for all water systems: industrial, domestic and agricultural. The tanks are constructed of a polypropylene liner combined with high grade butyl diaphragm to isolate water and air. This provides a closed system for drinking water preventing the growth of bacteria and vermin intrusion. The cast stainless steel water connection is used for corrosion resistance. All Stairs tanks are quality tested to insure the structural integrity of every tank.




  • Water storage
  • Water pressure boosting
  • Water transferringFeatures


  • NSF Standard 61, IAPMO R&T UPC approved
  • Polypropylene liner to ensure long durability
  • Butyl diaphragm to assure long life and safety
  • Corrosion resistant durable baked epoxy coating finish
  • Leak free, O-ring sealed air valve cap
  • 100% pressure tested
  • No maintenance needed
  • 304 Stainless Steel water connection


Aquafos Pressure Tank (NSF)
Aquafos Pressure Tank (Non-NSF)


Aquafos Pressure Tank (NSF)

Aquafos Pressure Tank (Non-NSF)


Aquafos Pressure Tank (NSF)

Aquafos Pressure Tank (Non-NSF)